Passport of Commonwealth of Dominica (Economic Citizenship)

Citizenship program of Commonwealth of Dominica was established in 1993 is based on the Constitution, Section 101 and Citizenship Act, Sections 8 and 20(1), which provide for the Government to operate a program granting citizenship to persons qualifying under criteria set by the Government.
Dominica, “the Nature Island”, is one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean. It lies between the French overseas territories of Guadeloupe and Martinique and is famous for its practically untouched nature – green mountains, countless rivers and waterfalls. The area of about 300 square miles is a home to approximately 70,000 people. Former British dependent territory, it gained its independence in 1978, speaks English as the official language, as well as a local dialect Creole, and has its law system based on the common law. The currency is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar, which is very stable and has an exchange rate of about EC$ 2.70 for US$ 1.00. The Commonwealth of Dominica is a politically and economically stable democratic state.

Following current policy guidelines, the economic contribution takes the form of a direct non-refundable payment made to the Government. In exchange, investors and their families are granted full citizenship.

You are Granted Citizenship for Life and It’s Not Revocable
You keep your citizen’s status even if the Dominica economic citizenship program is stopped. Issued passports are valid for 10 years. Passports for children under 16 years old are being issued for 5 years. Expired passports or those with no free visa pages left can be easily renewed for relatively small fees at the immigration and passport office in Dominica or at any Dominica consulate.

Dominica Recognizes Dual Citizenship
Dominica does not require you to renounce your current citizenship. Besides that, Dominica does not notify authorities of your current country of residence or citizenship about your new citizenship. You in your turn have the right to renounce Dominica citizenship any time if your circumstances require.

Residence in Dominica is Not Required
You get virtually the same rights as if you were born in Dominica. You can vote, purchase property, come, live and work in Dominica if you wish. But you are not required to reside in Dominica to keep your citizen’s status.

Visa Free International Travel
Dominica’s passport allows you visa free international travel to more than 100 countries where no entry visa is required at all, or you easily get it upon arrival. The list includes the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, South Korea, China, Singapore and most British Commonwealth countries. For countries where a visa is still required before travel, you can normally obtain it with minimum formalities within a couple of days on the common basis. You can also extend your visa-free access by obtaining a residence permit in an appropriate country, for example, if you obtain a residence permit in Canada, you will be able to travel to the United States, same as a residence permit of one of the Schengen states gives you a visa-free access to any European country. As a Commonwealth citizen, you can count on certain privileges in the United Kingdom. Tax-Free Status Enjoy a tax-free status on foreign income, capital gains, gift, wealth and inheritance tax. Your worldwide income is liable to taxation in Dominica only if you reside in there. You Can Legally Change Your Name As Dominica is a common law jurisdiction, you can legally change your surname through the Deed Poll procedure after at least one year of being its citizen. Requirements By making a donation to the Government of Dominica, you can apply for the citizenship program. For a family of 4, an amount of US$ 100,000 is required to be a donation & economic contribution to the Government of Dominica, which qualifies the applicant, his/her spouse and two children less than 18 years of age for citizenship of Dominica. An amount of US$ 75,000 is required for a single applicant for the economic contribution to the Government of Dominica in order to obtain the citizenship. Contact us today & our highly professional staffs are always available to answer any questions you may have about Immigration & second passport program.

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