Poti Free Zone

Poti Free Zone in Georgia is  the First Free Industrial Zone in the Caucasus Region.
According to the development project plan, the Poti Free Industrial Zone will be spread over 3.0 mln sqm offering for in industrial use. The great advantage of our FIZ is being  adjustant to one of the most important ports on Black sea – Poti Sea Port. Poti Sea Port is one of the oldest (150 years) and most famous sea ports in the Black Sea handling both dry and wet cargos. It’s a profitable port which is on expansion mode.

Setting up a business in Poti Free Zone is a straightforward process. Procedures are simple and efficient, based on a transparent system that promotes the establishment of new enterprises. In fact, the registration process takes only 1 day to complete.


Georgian economy and industry is very entrepreneurial and highly motivated to develop rapidly. As industries in Georgia develop, firms and investors are looking for opportunities to invest. The combination of dynamic economic growth, pro-business legislation, a strong legal framework to protect investors and an educated and skilled workforce presents a solid platform for successful business in Poti Free Zone.


Poti Free Zone Advantages

Strategic Location
First Free Industrial Zone in the Caucasus Region.
Located on the gateway of ancient Silk Road connecting west and east and vice versa.
Wide access to the EU&CIS with over 1 billion population market.
Free Trade Agreements of Georgia with Turkey and CIS countries.
Strategic oil and gas corridor.

Tax Free;
Investor friendly environment,  transparent laws and regulations;
Low living costs;
No restrictions on hiring expats;
Minimum transaction and conversion cost, efficient international banking services;
Project financing available through local and international banks;
Safe living conditions;
Located on the gateway of ancient Silk Road connecting
west and east and vice versa;
Wide access to the EU&CIS with  over 1 billion population market;
Situated beside to the Port of Poti;
Safe Living Conditions;

Easy Business Setup
Simplified licensing procedures (License is issued within 24 hours after the application is received) “One Stop Shop” system (all necessary procedures are conducted at one spot)

Operational Advantages
World class Infrastructure offer complete “end to end” solutions to the needs of every investor and ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Efficient Services
Located next to Poti port—low supply chain cost.
Low Licensing and plot leasing tariffs.
Low cost of skilled labor.
Low cost of utilities. Low energy cost (Hydro-electric power)
Low housing costs.

Investor friendly environment, transparent laws and regulations
The laws are in force that creates the easy conditions for the companies for easy start-up and operation of their businesses. The government is also open to suggestions from the investors to amend the laws for the benefit of all stakeholders.

License Types
Manufacturing & Commercial License

Activities allowed: Import raw materials, manufacturing, processing, assembling, packaging, and exporting finished products.

General Trading License

Activities allowed: import-export, distribution, consolidation, storage or warehousing of all types of products without processing.

Special Trading License

Activities allowed: Import, export, distribution, consolidation, storage or warehousing of items from similar product lines without processing.

Warehousing License

Activities allowed: Development of the warehouse complexes for sub-lease.

Consulting License

Activities allowed: Offering consulting services in management, finance, investment, legal issues, labor relations, economics (including feasibility studies), industrial development, marketing, and related subjects.

Service License

Activities allowed: Services include all material services support

Logistic License

Activities allowed: Logistics services.

Contracting License

Activities allowed: Contracting works within Poti FIZ

Financial / Banking License

Activities allowed: Operation of Banking and Financial Institutions

To learn more about the registration procedures, please contact us & our highly professional staffs are always available to answer any questions you may have .



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