Canada Federal Investor Program

This program was created by the federal government to promote the immigration of business people and their families, the Canadian Immigrant Investor Program enables potential investors (who meet certain requirements) to obtain permanent resident status in Canada. Under the program, successful applicants and their families receive permanent and unconditional Canadian Resident visas. This investment program is offered through our joint venture with HSBC Canada, a Canadian government approved financial facilitator.

Benefits of Living in Canada
High ranking on major international comparative surveys of industrialized nations.
G8 and NAFTA member.
Unspoiled environment with strict environmental controls.
Excellent healthcare system.
Excellent education system.
Cultural, ethnic and religious tolerance are practiced by all Canadians and entrenched in our constitution.
State cities and neighborhoods.
One of the most valued passports for international travel.

Qualification Requirements:
To qualify for the Canadian Immigrant Investor Program, you must:
Demonstrate business experience, either by managing and holding equity interest in a qualifying business for at least of the past five years, or by managing at least five full-time employees for at least two of the past five years.
Have a minimum net worth of CDN$1,600,000 acquired through lawful economic activities.
Deposit CDN$800,000 with the Government of Canada for a 62-month locked-in-period. In return, the applicant will be issued a fully guaranteed, non-transferable, non-interest-bearing promissory note. The invested capital will thus be returned, without interest, at the end of the 62-months period.

The Financing Option:

Full funding
The investor deposits the full amount (CDN$800,000). No further payment is required. At the end of the 62-month period, CDN$800,000 is returned to the investor with no accrued interest.

Financed funding
The investor pays the reduced amount (CDN$180,000). No further payment is required by the investor. However, the CDN$180,000 is not returned to the investor at the end of 62-month period.
The reduced amount is used to finance a $800,000 closed 62-month term loan from a chartered bank. This loan is initiated and repaid at no further cost to the applicant Investor.
This option is particularly attractive for applications seeking to retain maximum capital for investment in ongoing business operations.

Financed funding currently costs CDN$180,000. This amount may change marginally if prime lending rates in the national banking system rise or fall in response to changes in the Bank of Canada key interest rate.

Application fees are required to be paid directly to the Canadian government by the applicant. The fees are currently CDN$1,050 for the principal applicant, CDN$550 for the accompanying spouse and CDN$150 for each family member qualifying under the same application.

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